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Hi, welcome to the Trot - A location bookmarking app testing family

Trot is the mobile app you need if want to organize and share places painlessly. If you are a frequent traveller or someone who loves exploring the offbeat places in your city, chances are that you are already trading recommendations via whatsapp, email and good old fashioned word of mouth. With Trot, you can store them in one place, easily search back using tags, and effortlessly share with friends and family without the worry of losing the places you love to everyday conversations and misplaced scraps of paper. What Trot offers in it's current avatar: SAVE PLACES - Save locations with pictures, descriptions and hashtags - Quick save when in a hurry and add the details later - Love or even hate places (for the occasions when the talk of the town truly disappoints) SHARE PLACES - Share lists that you have personally curated for cities that are close to your heart - Create a package of all the must visit spots and all the useful places around you to help someone new moving to your city - Request your friends for recommendations for a new city you are traveling to - Create a BUCKET LIST for yourself with the option to mark a place as 'to visit' - Check off a place that you’ve visited - Use HASHTAGS to save your places so that you can easily search back when you need - Manipulate these tags, to better organise your list - Use EXPLORE to download our curation for the month. We'll have everything from travel musts, food, music, that funny looking tree to tourist cliches and more. THINGS WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON: - Friend Groups - Map view for tags and saved places - More flexibility when sharing and accepting shared places

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